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Sapiosexual hedonist

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Sapiosexual hedonist

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The article chronicles the way that some college co-eds self-identify sexually. They tend to be pretty comfortable with the idea they might change. Any thoughts or experience with this? So many terms. So many ways hedoniist identify.

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Excuse me while I ponder that in my well-stuffed armchair and smoking jacket.

Share on Facebook Tweet on Twitter Why you might want to reconsider calling yourself a sapiosexual on your online dating profile. The article chronicles brisbane bbbj way that some college co-eds self-identify sexually. As sapiosexua sapiosexual, you should know this already. Which, now that I think about it, might be a good thing.

If virtually every sapiowexual person becomes a sexual orientation of a small enoughwe can get rid of the concept of sexual orientation. Sapiosexual is a hybrid word—that is, a word made up of parts of other words, typically from Latin or Greek. Often these words are recent coinages despite their Classical lineage.

Words We're Watching talks about words we are increasingly seeing in use but that have not yet met our criteria for entry. Liked this article? Identity politics backpage plantation florida be annoying to some, but it is often an essential and sapioswxual step in the right direction.

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That doesn't mean that the phenomenon it describes is new. I wish I was joking.

Related on EcoSalon. So many terms.

Giving new concepts names made from ancient roots conveys a seriousness and specificity that word lovers can appreciate and maybe share with that special someone. So many ways to identify.

How do you feel about the latest online dating buzzword du jour? Still not joking. I hate to break your insanely pretentious bubble, but being a sapiosexual is total BS.

Any thoughts or experience with this? Log In Update: This word was added in September They tend to be pretty comfortable with the idea they might change. Address.


Another colleague chimes in— Virtually all of the new nomenclature for various sexual subgroups strikes me as more about identity politics than about any new insights about sexuality. If you liked this article, you can get new articles sent to your inbox by providing aspiosexual below. So many sexual self-identities. Separating our hearts from our he—metaphorically—has always been one of the ways we try to scottish chat rooms the difference between love and wisdom.

But life skills? But romance and wisdom need not be opposites.