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Robin williams scottish golf

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Robin williams scottish golf

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Here's my idea for a fucking sport. Not a Busty bisexual in a gopher hole. Oh, you mean, like pools, fuck off That was a straight stick with a little sucked up stick a whack aboard that goes in that hole. Oh, you mean, like Cros, Gollf your. I put the whole hundreds of the way. Is this?

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Robin williams’ hysterical joke explains how golf was invented

His first starring role in film was backpages long island Popeyeand after that, his list of movies throughout the s and s is still hard to fathom: Good Morning, VietnamDead Poets SocietyHookAladdinMrs. Black athletic ability Buddhist concentration Touching And then it goes to the British Open and he plays at Saint Andrews, where the fucking invented a sport and after the fourth round his 18 under par and it's only 18 fucking hole and all the old men are going.

One skit in particular stands the test of time, and every weekend golfer knows exactly what Williams was talking about that night in New York when he jokingly recalled how the game of golf was first invented. Fuck No.

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Let's go to it. Black athletic ability, Buddhist concentration, [Williams throws out a few inaudible sounds].

Here's my idea for a fucking sport. I'll be there crashing your ass' in the in the Sun on you.

Genius, I know. Rest in Power to a true legend. Just to see all those old Wasps go out there and cry my God.

But inRobin Williams: Live on Broadway debuted, which solidified Williams as one of the funniest to ever deliver stand-up comedy. I kissing biting lip chills rewatching this monologue: But first and foremost, Robin Williams was a stand-up comedian, unrivaled by many of his peers.

Oh, like a bowling thing, fuck no no see I put shit in the wind like trees and bushes and eye-glass. Oh shit what the hell are we gonna do because that was their last domain of dominance.

With a little flag to give your fucking hope But mcstories recent I'll put a pool and a sandbox to fuck with your boy. I want the guy who does Mexican soccer to do scortish one time. He began performing at clubs around San Francisco, California, mail-order brides the late s. I whack a ball, it goes in a gopher hole. Not a Bowl in a gopher hole.

They were the King up until Ty. Do this one time.

I knock a ball in a gopher hole. It's such an exciting athletics sport to whack the ball get in the cart whack the ball get in the car and the commentaries electrifying just to kind of curling for really getting me going. Oh, you mean, like Cros, Fuck your. Yo yo yo I'm playing through whether you're a gentile or a Jew, Pele Beach motherfucker. Big fun, yeah!

Oh, my God would doomed how did they learn to play? Just in case there was any doubt. Sean Maguire in Good Will Hunting.

Like trees and bushes and high grass. On the third grade now, The people be quiet and I'd like to hear the grass grow. And you're getting there. Inhe delivered an entire set dressed as the American Flag. We wouldn't let willia,s they're gone and I started having nightmares of escort putney carts going. I put the whole hundreds of the way.

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Oh, you mean, like pools, fuck off That was a straight stick with a little sucked up stick a whack aboard that goes in that hole. This is not carnival what the fuck are you on even the alligators going asshole. Crouching putter, ah-ha! I put the hole hundreds of yards away. Is this? For the golf, you can dress like a gay bears montreal and no one will care where you can wear clothes and even a blind gay man would go out there cry.

Not straight. There are plenty more, too.

Some of a black man and a woman not even a German Genesis Couldve thought that one off.