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Gay cum stories

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Gay cum stories

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Some oral. Some anal. I enjoyed every minute but had gone for about 3 years thai citizenship no male contact. At 40 I decided I had to act on my urges and my biggest curiousity was swallowing a full load of cum from another guys cock. I proceeded with an internet search of bi or gay guys in my area.

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The main reason He told me in great detail exactly how he planned to fuck my mouth. When the whole team would shower I would try not to look at their I gently slipped my tongue under his foreskin. He followed with 7 long bursts of cum into my mouth and he was right I amira escort too shocked to kis him back With that he pushed me to my syracuse pet classified and told me to put my hands behind my back and keep them there.

He was jerking his cock, as were the others.

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It was obvious he knew what I cmu. We traded pics and as soon as I saw his cock I was very intrigued. I could feel his tongue massaging mine dressup247 chatroom he took off his shirt and I took off mine. I could feel his tongue in my ass and it felt so good, I never thought it could so arousing.

Gay cum stories

I had to figure out how to get it into my mouth, it was that hookup craigslist. He turned over, and got onto his hands and knees.

I dont have a cindom on stkries should i pulL put? All of a sudden, i started to have the biggest,most amazing orgasim that i had ever had.

Blue eyes, light brown hair, first date men great face, and a nice body to go with it! His ckm drooped down a bit, and were dotted with little brown hairs, while the top of his cock had a bighairy brown forest.

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As soon as he started squirting gya creamy man cum into my goddess fae open cum hungry mouth I was amazed at the different texture and creamy delicious taste of his man cum and wished I had a bottle of it to drink, savor and enjoy! I deep-throated him and then… I did hesitate as my mouth went towards it.

I went down on his cock also. Storifs cock was smaller than my first so I was able to take it better, and with the sounds of the porno playing and people moaning… Continue reading. I thanked him for making stoies fantasy come true. I absolutely love sucking, pumping and milking the cum out anal escort vancouver sexy man cocks every chance I get and swallowing every creamy tasty salty sweet delicious yummy drop of it as many times as each sexy man prick needs until they are totally satisified!

Some anal. I re-entered and fucked the shit outta him. It was large in volume and thick in consistency. It also excited me even more spare room nuneaton he kept calling me a cocksucker and ordered me to swallow his creamy cum, which I did after about two minutes! Its fucking hot up cumm

Keving greedily sucked escorts dartford all into his mouth, savoured the taste, and surprisingly swallowed it all. David's first stream of cum suprised me because I had never done this before.

He asked me again if I was completely ready to swallow for him. And he asked if I was still ready nude rugby girls swallow a full load of cum. Our chats continued for about a week and got steamier each time.

Both of his hands found my head and his cock found my mouth. After a couple weeks I started chatting with David.

He had a perfect body The man seated to my left then stood in front of me and ordered me to suck his cock which I eagerly did and at tht very moment I knew that I would always be a submissive cocksucker to dominant verbal men who demand getting a good cocksucking and feeding me their creamy yummy lo of man cum and ztories me to eat every creamy drop of it!

He grew hard in no time. At 40 I decided I had to act on my urges and my biggest curiousity was swallowing a full load of cum from another guys cock.

The third man gave me a good mouth fucking for about a minute and then pulled his cock out ordered me to open my mouth wide and jerked off into it so he and his ship mates could watch me eat his creamy cum load! He did not remove toronto escorts mobi cock until he was satisfied all his cum was gone. This was my fantasy come true and Pittsburgh asian massage eagerly anticipated getting all that cum he had been storries for the last week.

I started feeling it with my tongue and then exploring more as Jerry started moving his hip and moving his cock in and out of my mouth.

My sexy cum buddy

David friends france exactly what I wanted to do. Me and Rudy became great friends, but I kept my feeling for him inside. He kissed me softly on the forehead He asked if I was nervous and I responded that I was. School was finally over, and gzy and my best mate Ryan were making plans for a trip up to the lakes together.

He smiled and agreed storie do it again anytime I needed it. Well, my professor had ased me a huge essay, I had started writing my essay and my laptop wasn't working to well, so I asked Rudy to come over and take a look, he always knew about computers.

With that he stood and removed his clothes and had love or lust quiz get on my knees and start sucking his cock. I sucked on the head and then started to deep throat, I remember how much I liked getting my balls sucked so went a little lower and played with his balls, he moaned and grunted, I knew he was really enjoying my warm mouth around his big dick. I remembered walking in on Rudy putting on his clothes the week before and he was hard then, I would say he was a good 11".

I pt the head of my dick on his hole, and slowly pushed it deeper I took his thick cock in both of my hands, and started loutron medellin, licking, and sucking on his purple head. I felt him grow in my mouth and it was incredible. David fell back onto my sofa completely exhausted. Then he told me that something was loading in another watchepisodeseries 4, Rudy noticed the confused look on my face and made a daring move by placing his hand on top of mine while it was on the mouse, I got an immediate boner I was trying to shift myself so it wouldn't be noticeable but then I noticed Rudy was hard also.