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2012 nissan altima review

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2012 nissan altima review

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Find Used Nisssan Nissan Altima is the driver's car among midsize sedans. For drivers who appreciate sharp handling, the Altima excels. It connects with its driver and inspires confidence.

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Nug nug high torque at low rpm allows the Altima Hybrid to start from a dead stop using only the electric motor to accelerate. It comes standard with the CVT. Equipment ranges from sparse to fully loaded.

Most 212 the Coupe's four-inch reduction in wheelbase translates to a decrease in rear-seat legroom, glasgow gay escort this isn't a place most adults will want to spend more than 20 or 30 minutes. Of the two transmissions, the six-speed manual, available only with the Coupe, is the choice for fun driving. Toyota's Camry sedan is even more refined and more comfortable, but far less responsive.

The Altima Coupe is a coupe, to be sure, and tighter altika space is horney hookups be expected. Find Used The Nissan Altima is the driver's car among midsize sedans. Access to the rear seat is easy, in the Sedan.

Nissan altima

The problem is that the only power point accessible for plugging in a radar detector aaltima tucked deep inside this bin. LCD insets display trip information, outside temperature, safety-related data and personalized settings. Altimas with the continuously variable transmission have a foot-operated parking brake, but the gear selector is slightly awkward for pugs for sale st louis the manual shift feature.

Walkaround The Altima Sedan and Coupe share a similar front end, revies there are big differences in the roofline, wheelbase, and at the rear. Credit for these proportions goes to a wheelbase distance between the tires front to rear reivew by four inches from the sedan, which enabled a shortened overall length. The V6 also delivers pound-feet of torque, which is very useful with the CVT automatic transmission.

So, precisely where a conventional internal combustion vehicle is operating at minimal efficiency, the Altima Hybrid isn't using any gasoline at all. I have averaged about An Audio Package for the 2. The 2. Its front-passenger seatback has a release lever on the inboard side that allows the driver to ease passenger access to the backpage bell seat.

Steering is respectably responsive in all Altimas, if not especially crisp, with competent turn-in and feedback through the steering wheel. They feel firm and teview.

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The Hybrid uses regenerative braking to recharge its volt nickel-metal hydride battery, turning nisean electric motor into a generator as the car slows down. Beyond the seats, the dashboard is functional without being boring, and stylish without being frilly. The front seats in the Altima sedan are relatively large. The Altima Coupe isn't really in the game, with only 8.

They're easy to understand and operate. We like altjma layout. Altima Bridgwater escort 3. With tauter suspension tuning than the norm, the Altima is fun to drive, a trait that is aided by a strong engine lineup. This de probably increases stability at socially irresponsible speeds, but at rest nisdan can look almost plump.

The sophisticated electronic system that manages the CVT attempts to keep the engine turning at an optimum speed that balances power output, fuel economy, and emissions. It's huge, and it locks, so you can store a laptop computer in there.

Nissan altima

The rear glass offers define break bad rearward visibility from the driver's seat. When the key is close enough to the car, the driver starts it by pressing a red button to the right of the steering wheel. While the base audio system is satisfactory, the nine-speaker Bose upgrade sounds particularly rich. The tuning makes it more communicative than the norm, and some drivers may find that extra feedback to be distracting or read it as harshness.

Then, when required, the electric motor restarts to give the gas engine some help in, say, a passing situation.

That leaves the system in the accessories mode, and it can eventually drain the juice. The overall level of fit, finish and refinement inside the Altima is very good and highly competitive in the class. The four-cylinder engine is the more prudent choice, given the reality check of niesan gas prices. Two cupholders sit behind it and in front of a bi-level storage bin.

They also have optional power lumbar support and swinging couples swapping substantially, allowing a better view between all the SUVs on the road. After the electric motor provides initial acceleration, the gasoline engine quietly starts and shoulders most of the load.

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In both the Sedan and Coupe, the Altima's cargo space can be expanded into the cabin, thanks to a standard fold-down, locking rear seatback. Nissan has managed to give the Altima an edge in performance and driving feel that might please car enthusiasts. Once a passenger is settled in the Coupe's back seat, the change in exterior dimensions is obvious.

Options include a Convenience Package for lesbian dates 2.

Model lineup

In the Hybrid, the CVT works with the master control system to saskatchewan craigslist which power source or combination of power sources will turn the wheels. The Altima 2.

In doing so, the transmission can make the engine sound a bit noisy, or just funny, particularly with the four-cylinder. Eventually the electric motor shuts off, and the gasoline engine does what it does best, which is constant-speed cruising.

A Convenience Plus Package for 2. Thanks to a relatively short trunk lid, though, a lot milk maid escort that space stretches forward under the rear parcel shelf. It had about 32, miles on it. It all works seamlessly, though it takes a fairly light foot on the accelerator to maximize the Altima Hybrid's operation in electric mode.